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I am a practising clinical psychlogist at a premier private hospital in Singapore. I enjoy working with individuals and their families, across the lifespan, for a range of health conditions.  These include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, sexuality/gender issues, bipolar and schizophrenia, addictions, as well as severe health conditions with an impact on one's psychological well-being (e.g. skin-related, cancer, diabetes, fertility, chronic pain etc).  I partner my clients and together, we work with other medical and helping professionals to overcome health challenges, with an individualised plan for recovery.  Having worked with people from different countries for many years, I am also comfortable working cross-culturally (Western and Asian), and remain curious to learn with and from my clients.

I also conduct training for other helping professionals in specialised areas of counselling (not just in Motivational Interviewing), and am constantly enriched by the exchange of knowledge and experience with them - an excellent deal in my view!


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Mental Health
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I am constantly learning to be a better trainer and facilitator - to share my own learning journey in a manner that will be best understood by the training participants, and adapted to their context and needs.  By nature, I am light-hearted and enjoy humour and fun, so a healthy dose of that is sprinkled throughout training sessions, and participants are also encouraged to bring it on.  Together, we aim to learn in an interactive and collaborative way, since we do best when our minds, hearts, eyes and ears are open and challenged.  And also when we don't fall asleep *wink*

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Basic and intermediate MI - in schools/learning institutions, and healthcare (primary and tertiary) settings
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