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What is MINT?

The Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) is an international organization of trainers in motivational interviewing, incorporated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit charitable organization in the state of Virginia, USA. The trainers come from diverse backgrounds and apply MI in a variety of settings. Their central interest is to improve the quality and effectiveness of counseling and consultations with clients about behavior change. Started in 1997 by a small group of trainers trained by William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick, the organization has since grown to represent 40 countries and more than 30 different languages.

What is MINT's Mission?

The mission of MINT is to promote good practice in the use, research and training of motivational interviewing. MINT supports the continuing learning and skillfulness of its members through meetings, open sharing of resources, communication, publications, and shared practice opportunities. Rather than seeking to limit or control the practice and training of motivational interviewing, MINT promotes quality applications of motivational interviewing across cultures, languages, and contexts.

Four Foundational Values of MINT

MINT is built upon four foundational values:

  1. Quality - Excellence, reliability, ethics, integrity, professionalism, responsiveness to emerging evidence
  2. Openness - Evolving, emergent, open-minded, innovative, flexible, expanding the boundaries, growth, humility, curiousity, self-critical
  3. Generosity - Non-possessiveness, sharing, acknowledgment, collaboration, cooperation, giving more than you receive
  4. Respect - Valuing of individual and professional diversity, internationality, kindness, listening, communication, egalitarianism

Pathways to Membership

The Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) includes members from all over the world who provide training, coaching, and consultation in numerous cultures and languages. To encourage good practice standards, MINT membership is limited to trainers who have completed a training workshop for new MI trainers that is either sponsored or endorsed by MINT. This Training of New Trainers (TNT) workshop is designed to teach well-established methods for training practitioners in MI. Application to a MINT-sponsored or MINT-endorsed TNT is a formal process and requires demonstration of your current ability to practice motivational interviewing. TNT workshops may be found in the US, Europe, or other parts of the world, and may be conducted in languages other than English. Detailed information regarding how to become a member of MINT can be found on our webpage, Training New Trainers

A message from Bill Miller and Steve Rollnick

We have always cherished MINT as a group of colleagues freely sharing ideas and materials, giving more than we take, and championing good practice above all else. We believe that MI is best maintained by a combination of creativity, humility, and openness to new evidence; not by zeal or commercial promotion. These aspirations have been continually reaffirmed by MINT colleagues over the years and are a part of MINT’s institutional memory.

We hope that these values will outlive us in MINT.

Consistent with these values, MINT affiliation and experience ought not be exploited for personal gain.  While it is reasonable for current members to state the fact of their membership in MINT, this fact should not be expanded in a potentially misleading way (such as MINT “certified” or “approved.”).  We specifically request that participants in training for new trainers (TNT) workshops that we have co-led refrain from representing themselves as “trained by” one or both of us as if that were in itself a unique qualification.

Bill Miller and Steve Rollnick


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