Training New Trainers

Entry into MINT membership is through completion of a Training of New Trainers (TNT) sponsored or endorsed by MINT. Individuals who wish to attend a TNT must submit an application, which includes descriptions of the applicant's MI learning and training experiences as well as a sample of their MI practice.

To learn more about the application requirements for attending a TNT and becoming a Member of MINT, visit our Pathways to MINT Membership page. 

Not ready to become a member yet? See the current list of  introductory, intermediate, and advanced MI trainings, go to our Events/Trainings page.

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MINT - Sponsored TNT: 

2023 TNT and MINT Annual Forum -  16-18 October in Copenhagen, Denmark (optional MINT Annual Forum to follow 19-21 October)


**Lathund för ansökningar till Nordisk TNT finns längre ner på sidan. Anmälan öppnar 13 mars 2023.


2024 TNT and MINT Annual Forum - 30 September - 2 October in Christchurch, New Zealand (optional MINT Annual Forum to follow 3-5 October)


MINT- Endorsed TNT: 

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