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Inderbitzen LCSW, DSW
Clinical Consultant and BH therapist
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Rice Lake
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United States
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My expeirence largely is working with healthcare systems with a specific emphasis in developmental disabilities, and publications to match. Organizational heatlhcare clients I have worked with include Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Inpatient Units, Federally Qualified Commuinty Health Centers, and Hospital Systems in rural settings. Product offerings in MI I have offered include a train-the-trainer program of basic-expert level trainings, MI Basics packages, MITI coding packages, and MI for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Developmental Delays trainings I offer primarily deal with Autism and its intersection with Behavioral Health and span a range of topics. Publication products I have forthcoming include two publications with W.W. Norton's Series the Intepersonal Neurobiology Series, both of which involve the application of MI to persons on the Autism Spectrum. The first publication, Autism in Polyvagal Terms: New Directions and Possiblities, with a forward by Dr. Stephen Porges, is due out in Fall of 2024 and applies MI as a strategy for creating safety with a person on the spectrum. The second publication Treating Autism and Comorbid Psychiatric Conditions, is a curriculum for applying Motivational Interviewing to healthcare providers for increasing confidence to statistically significant levels and is tested and validated by research grants from Mayo Clinic Health System. The product is owned in part by myself, Mayo Clinic, and WiSys, and will be availble for purchase as a new product line for MINT members for commercial use to expand your offerings to include in your portfolio. Licensing agreeements are in the works but will be offered through product partners like Evergreen Certifications, which will be made accessible through PESI and directly through Inderbitzen Consulting Services LLC, licensing is dependent upon completion of the trainer training and obtaining certification which is presently forthcoming. 

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Mental Health
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If you are a healthcare entity, or MINT member with an interest in either devleoping sustainable MI practice in your institution, or adding a product line to be inclusive of the application of MI to provider populations for increased confidence in working with Autism, I can aide you in that pursuit. In 2024, I will be offering both a book for MI practitioners on applying MI to Autism through my book Autism in Polyvagal Terms, and a curriculum for increaseing healthcare primary care provider confidence in working with autism via MI products Treating Autism and Comorbid Psychiatric Conditions. The curriculum is designed to be delivered by those that wish to expand their consultation practice commercially, and is developed and tested via a single subject design study which is forthcoming. That stated, commerical use licenses will be granted via completion of a train-the-trainer program delivered by Inderbitzen Consulting Services, and an ajoining credential which will be free its first year to those who complete the training. Financial Disclosures which I have to dislose include: PESI honorarium, contract with W.W. Norton, shared copyright ownership with Mayo Clinic Health System, and WiSys. 

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autism, certified community behavioral health clinics
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