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Certified Public Psychologists, Clinical Psychologist, School Psychologist, Guidance Counselor, Vocational Counselor
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Nagoya (AICHI) / and MIE
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ivazky ★

More About Me

About Me

Iwatsuki Atsushi

Certified psychologist, clinical psychologist, school psychologist,

Guidance Counselor and Brief Therapist (Senior)

Recognized psychologist to develop as a teacher

Motivational interview (MI) trainer

Motivation interview,

Motivation (motivation), courage (courage), empowerment

Meaning, weight

Psychotherapy / counseling (mental, education, treatment, guidance, industry / career)

Coaching, motivational motivation, leadership

Group work, facilitation

Consulting, supervision

Psychological education, psychological talks, educational talks

Integrated psychotherapy and counseling

Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive Action Therapy, Cognitive Reconstruction, Problem Solving, Action Activation

Cognitive psychotherapy, constructivist psychotherapy

Brief therapy, short-term therapy, communication family therapy

Systemic approach, narrative

Micro counseling / micro technique, developmental psychotherapy, intentional interview

Teleology, autonomy / independence, self-determination / self-selection, self-control, hypothesis, intrinsic motive

Suggestion, anticipation, hypnosis, self-control

Circular epistemology, interaction, segmentation, goal setting, solution / solution orientation / solution building,

System theory, communication theory, MRI, SFA

Psychiatric / Psychosomatic Medicine Clinic, Health Center, Private Counseling Room, Outreach, Telephone Counseling

Corrective facilities, criminal facilities, juvenile facilities, juvenile homes, juvenile criminal offices, and criminal offices (A・B・J・Y)

Probation office, court, welfare facility, orphanage, school (elementary school)

Organizations, general companies (HR, general affairs, business management, industrial health, hygiene management)

Certified psychologist training (university / faculty of psychology), therapist / counselor training, etc.

Recidivism prevention, no further prevention, dependence, first offense, recidivism, special improvement guidance

The crime victim supports the injurer to prevent and prevent education (once, twice, three times)

Lifelong learning, lifelong education, social education, adult education, life career

Home education, school refusal, withdrawal, learning support

Crime, delinquency, rehabilitation, imprisonment, serving, correction treatment, correction education, correction instruction

Sexual problems, sexual crimes, sexual addictions, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, sexual dependence, sex dependence


Addiction, Addiction, Addiction, Abuse, Abuse, Preference, Drugs, Alcohol

Abuse, self-reliance support

Clinical psychology, school psychology, judicial and criminal psychology

Industrial / organizational psychology (industrial psychology, organizational psychology), labor sociology, social education

Business Administration, Education, Sociology, Psychology

Relationship and personality psychology, health and medical psychology

Social / Group / Family Psychology

Certified Public Psychologist Responsibility

Contact: ivazky ★

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Introductory Training
Intermediate training
Advanced training
Training for Groups
Area of practice: 
Criminal Justice
mental Health
Organisational Change
Coach Statement

Available online (online consultation, online instruction, etc.)

Please change the ★ mark in the contact email address to an at sign.

Training Interests
Counseling, interviews, education, etc. “autonomous motivation”, “courage”, “change”, “recognition and arrangement of emotions, private senses and actions such as thoughts and beliefs, and arrangement of lifestyle Reconstruction, Goal setting
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