Facilitator-Led Online Skills Practice

Dr. Brad Lundahl is a tenured professor of social work and clinical psychologist whose motivational interviewing research has been cited in thousands of studies.

A meta-analysis of motivational interviewing: Twenty-five years of empirical studies

Motivational interviewing in medical care settings: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

The effectiveness and applicability of motivational interviewing: A practice‐friendly review of four meta‐analyses


Our on-demand training, Enhanced Motivational Interviewing, was developed in partnership with the University of Utah and reviews core MI concepts, foundational counseling, and communication skills that can be used by clinical or non-clinical professionals. Advanced MI concepts are introduced after building solid foundation of introductory and intermediate skills.

Brief (<10 minutes) skill demonstration videos are emphasized. See this example from our training.

Our learning management system is compatible with your computer, tablet, or phone so you can learn anytime and anywhere.

Track your progress with easy-to-read infographics and charts.

Downloadable and printable practice sheets to discretely guide your MI conversations, or use the sheets to practice skills while role playing with colleagues.

Backed by years of experience. Hundreds of trainings. Thousands of attendees.


We have a total of 12 hours of on-demand online material which can be purchased as a 12-hour training, or purchased as stand-alone modules for briefer trainings in as little as 90 minutes.

Complete Training – 12 hours for $149

Overview – 1.5 hours for $29.99


Approved for CEUs by the National Association of Social Work (Approval #886816136-2528) and other licensing agencies.

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Intermediate and
Supervision and coaching
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This training is targeting for those seeking to improve MI skills.
30 Nov 2021 - 10:00am
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