Facilitator-led Online Introductory Basics & Updates

Motivational Interviewing Basics & Updates

NOV 3-4 9:00 AM-3: 00 PM EST; TWO DAYS EAST

This intensive online two day workshop may serve as a beginning or a "hit the ground running" so that participants develop  real world skills that they can take out the door. Class objectives include introduction to the theory, principles, and skills of MI and related motivation-enhancing behavior change approaches.This training includes the most updated design for MI training from the recent 3rd edition by Miller & Rollnick.  Participants will be guided through a sequence of learning activities to explore and shape counseling practice behavior, and to initiate a process for developing beginning proficiency in MI. Training will address all CORE motivational interviewing skills, the four processes of MI and will focus on foundational skills practice.  Learning activities will include: real-life demonstrations, videotape examples, “real-plays”, small group exercises, and participant practice with feedback. This training is conducted using Motivational Interviewing and modeling by the trainer enhances learning.


$ 225.00 

Participants must have a video computer, video and microphone. Class Size limited


Participants will gain understanding of   the “spirit” and key principles and theoretical basis of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and apply to their own practice 

Participants will gain knowledge and practice with the Four processes and adapt these to their own style and work settings

Participants will practice and develop  early MI skills in engagement and focusing including OARS (open questions, affirmations, reflections and summaries)

Participants will learn best MI practices for time and topic  management with MI focusing options

Participants will have multiple opportunities to practice all the skills contained in 3rd Edition of Miller & Rollnick's Motivational Interviewing: Helping Others Change

Participants will be introduced to Advanced MI skills: evocation, planning and feedback and apply to future learning goals 

Participants will understand theoretical basis of  responding to client language including:Change talk, Sustain Talk, Discord and Ambivalence  

Participants will engage and gain understanding in the ethical considerations of MI and using directional strategies with clients 

Participants will develop a personal  Learning plan for practicing and incorporating the primary skills and strategies of MI into counseling practice. 

Contact Annie Fahy RN,LCSW at 949-290-8378 or anniefahy@gmail.com for details

The Conversation Is the Medicine: MI series to Jump-start start or improve MI skills and practice/four sessions. Series of 4 price: $225 

Emphasis is on practice, developing proficiency and  real world adaptation to cases settings and diverse populations.  The design is intended for those who want to enhance and develop the  elements of a fully realized MI practice and especially for those who want to jumpstart into MI or  may have a leadership or supervisor role. Using practice opportunities and case consultation, we will work through difficult presentations and stuck places. 

 Observed MI practice & coaching with feedback is recognized in research as the best practice method for creating full implementation culture change to MI as well as a higher level of confidence in the skills (Miller, W. R., et al., 2004 Fixsen, D. L. , et al., 2009). These segments will focus on skill building and ways of sharing  MI skills in work settings for the self and in others. Flexible proficiency is the goal. Learners will also come away with ideas for guiding and teaching others. Participants will spend time on what makes it MI and gain valuable skills for evaluation of their own practice and also guiding others to exceeding baselines.   Fees cover 4 sessions of on line training and practice. FEB 9-10 & 16-17 8:30am-12PM EST

MI Training includes:

Practice in the technical and relational skills of Motivational Interviewing

Accommodations to populations and settings

A learning environment guided by the spirit and foundations of MI, and an instructor who models the method

Competencies and strategies to use with difficult  client  situations.

 Full Implementation and development of skills proficiency standards

Person Centered Ethics

Motivational Interviewing Decision Rules

Manager and supervisor guidance for complex

Adpating MI to settings and populations & systems

Individual group & team practice

Observed practice and coaching practice with feedback

MI coding and proficiency basics

Future Learning plans


Contact Annie Fahy 949 280 8378/ anniefahy.com/ anniefahy@gmail.com for details and registration.

Participants must have a video computer, video and microphone. Class Size limited



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MI Basics Series 4 sessions Web-based
3 Nov 2021 - 9:00am to 4 New 2021 - 3: 00pm
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