Training general practitioners in behavior change counseling to improve asthma medication adherence

TitleTraining general practitioners in behavior change counseling to improve asthma medication adherence
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsBroers, S, Smets, E, Bindels, P, Evertsz, FB, Calff, M, de Haes, H
JournalPatient Education and Counseling
Date PublishedSep
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0738-3991 (Print)0738-3991 (Linking)
Accession Number16024211
Keywords*Education, Medical, Continuing, *Patient Compliance, Adult, Asthma/*drug therapy, Counseling/*education, Family Practice/*education, Female, Humans, Male, Middle Aged, Netherlands, Pilot Projects, Statistics, Nonparametric

OBJECTIVE: Adherence to asthma medication regimens is problematic in general practice. We developed and evaluated a communication training for general practitioners (GPs) to help them address medication adherence during routine consultations. This paper describes the development of the training and evaluation results of a pilot study. METHODS: The training was based on behavior change counseling (BCC), a technique derived from motivational interviewing. We developed a five phases BCC consultation model. Participating GPs answered questions at baseline (T0), directly after (T1) and 4-10 months after (T2) the training that assessed their attitudes and confidence regarding adherence communication. They completed evaluation forms at T1 and T2. RESULTS: The 19 participating GPs were positive about the course and the feasibility of BCC in GP consultations. Also, after the training, their attitudes and confidence had improved (p<0.05) and all reported to use BCC skills at least sometimes 4-10 months after the training. CONCLUSION: These positive effects provide us with some hope that the training positively influenced the GP's communication behavior. PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS: If further data on physician behavior and patient outcomes justify implementation of the training, it would then be worthwhile to also involve practice nurses.

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