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We are happy you have decided to reinstate your Membership to MINT! 

If your membership has lapsed within the past two years/dues cycles, or you are not sure when your last dues payment was made, please email Operations Manager, Cherise Murphy, at admin@motivationalinterviewing.org for guidance. 
For those who have been away for more than two years, we are pleased that you are making steps to return to MINT!
Below is the application for reinstatement. Please read carefully, complete and review your application, then submit. 
Once we receive your application, the review can take up to 4 weeks.
Upon reinstatement, you will be invited to pay the current dues rate plus an additional administrative fee, and your MINT membership profile will be restored. (see list of current fees above Application Form)
If you have any questions, please contact Cherise at admin@motivationalinterviewing.org.   
We look forward to receiving your application!


The mission of MINT is to promote good practice in the use and training of motivational interviewing, through the continuing learning and skillfulness of its members. In service of this mission, MINT has developed a rather rigorous TNT application process. This helps to ensure that those who are accepted into a TNT and become a member of MINT have a strong foundation of MI practice skills, as well as a commitment to MINT values of quality, generosity, openness, and respect. Learn more About MINT

We have criteria for reinstatement of former members who would like to rejoin MINT and opportunities available for mentoring and learning support.

Please answer the application questions accurately and in detail. You are welcome to submit the application in the language of your choice. Once you have submitted your application for reinstatement at reinstatement@motivationalinterviewing.org it will be reviewed by our Reinstatement Committee, which will make a recommendation regarding reinstatement to MINT’s Board of Directors. Four possible outcomes are:

  1. You may be notified that your application has been accepted. In this case you will be contacted by MINT’s Operations Manager regarding payment of current year dues, plus a reinstatement fee dependent on your country of residence.
  2. You may be asked to provide further information before a final decision on your application is reached.
  3. You may be notified that your application requires further development. In this case you will receive specific feedback regarding areas of your application requiring further development and guidelines for how to meet the standards for reinstatement. You will be invited to submit a plan, in writing, describing how you will satisfy the remaining criteria and the timeframe in which you will do so.
  4. You may be notified that your application has been sent to The Board of Directors of MINT for further review and recommendations.

Most applications are reviewed by and resolved by the Reinstatement Committee.  If an appeal or conflict arises, The Board of Directors of MINT, in its sole discretion, determines the final outcome of the reinstatement review process, and the decision of the MINT Board of Directors regarding the outcome of the reinstatement review process is final. You may be invited to submit a new application after a specified period of time determined by the MINT Board of Directors.

Thank you for applying for reinstatement as a MINT member. We appreciate your continued interest in MINT.  If you are not sure the last year you paid dues or the year of your TNT please contact admin@motivationalinterviewing.org for assistance.

Reinstatement Criteria

Your application will be reviewed according to the following four criteria:

T. Training - You completed a MINT-sponsored or MINT-endorsed TNT that qualifies you for MINT membership.

E. Education - You have sought out additional training and support to continue developing and demonstrating proficiency in the use and training of Ml. Examples include receiving supervision, coaching, or feedback on Ml practice; participation in advanced Ml training; observation of and feedback on the applicant’s training; co-training with other MINT members; attendance at MINT Forums or other MI-related events. References and letter(s) of support from Ml experts will be considered.

A. Application - You have demonstrated a breadth of Ml practice and/or training activity that would support ongoing development of skillfulness in the application of Ml.

M. Merit - You indicated consistency with Ml spirit, philosophy, values and mission in responses to this application and demonstrates reasons for rejoining MINT that are consistent with MINT’s values and mission. You have described how the application of MI training skills has benefited and will benefit others, and how you have been and will be of service to populations in need (rather than simply engaging in a personal-profit endeavor).

You are eligible to become a member of MINT in that you subscribe to the purposes and policies of MINT. While a member of MINT, you were in compliance with MINT’s policies, including MINT’s Code of Ethics, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy, Diversity and Equality of Opportunity Policy, Complaints Policy, and Code of Netiquette. While a member of MINT, you demonstrated a commitment to MINT’s foundational values in their interaction with other MINT members.

Current MINT Dues plus added reinstatement fee (find your Level here):

Level 1 $205 USD | Level 2 $82 USD | Level 3 $61.50 USD | Level 4 $41.00 USD | Retired Professionals $51.25 USD

Application Form

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Please include former names that you may have used in your last membership.
You may enter "prefer not to answer" if desired.
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