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About Me

I have been using MI in my practice since 1995 when I qualified as a social worker and began work in inner london as a probation officer. It quickly became my approach of choice as it seemed to be the most effective way of working with people who had been forced into being 'helped'.   I have used MI in a range of settings, including adult substance treatment, adult criminal justice, youth offending and children's social care. I have trained people to use MI in all these settings and became a member of MINT in 2010. I left my job as a manger in a child care team in 2015 to concentrate on training in MI and related topics full time. I now work as a freelance trainer and visiting lecturer at the Tavistock and Portman Clinic. I am a MINT certified trainer.

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Introductory Training
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Criminal Justice
Mental Health
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I offer bespoke training and general two day introductory courses for Motivational Interviewing, as well as a intermediate and advanced courses for those who wish to develop their practice of the approach. I am particularly keen to help people embed and develop their skills and work closely with agencies, offering ongoing or one-off development groups as well as individual MI supervision for practitioners or MI trainers. I am proud of the enduring relationships I have with organisations in the public and volutary sectors and am committed to working flexibly to maximise the likelihood of practitoners using MI after training. 

I feel strongly that people learn best when a safe and relaxed learning environment is created. I aim to establish this from the start of my courses and model an MI approach throughout, ensuring the expertise and experience of participants is respected.

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Health, social care and criminal justice
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