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The Varalli Group, Inc.
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President and Lead Trainer of The Varalli Group, Inc.  (TVG).  David Varalli is a recently retired, Senior United States Probation Officer and a member of MINT.  He has worked in the field of probation/parole/community corrections for 30 years and has experience in all units and specialties of the profession.  

David has a vast knowledge of the criminal justice community, healthcare community and related fields of human services.  He began studying Motivational Interviewing in 2008.  Soon thereafter he passed proficiency as per MITI, and became a coach/trainer for his district and a private trainer/consultant.  David was the chair of his district's MI team since its inception. He became a member of MINT in 2012.

Training experience has included; all of the district's in house training, coaching, coding as well as numerous trainings conducted with: the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New York City Probation, Various Reentry Teams, Delaware Department of Corrections, CUNY School of Nursing and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  David also works with specific counties in the New York State and New Jersey State Divisions of Probation and Parole. Collaboration with colleges, faculty and student instruction has also been conducted.

TVG has partnered with trainers from the fields of education, healthcare and criminal justice in order to offer "real world" expertise in numerous fields of human services.

David can be reached at david@thevaralligroup.com, 585-748-6099



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Criminal Justice
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A probation/parole professional's duties are defined largely as providing safety to the community and rehabilitative services to the offender. Both of these principles have guided the career I enjoy.  I do not believe them to be easily distinguishable.  The best criminal justice professionals strive to find the balance and synergy between the two.

One is seldom persuaded by the advice of others, and instead do as they choose.  It is in that choice that magic can occur.   


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