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Nurse Practitioner and Communication Trainer
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About Me

I have been a Nurse Practitioner for 34 years and an MI trainer for 19. I have Masters' degrees in both Nursing and Counseling. My work and thus use of MI, has encompassed a wide range foci from chronic disease management to lactation, from end of life care to psychiatry and public health. Motivational Interviewing has been the tune I hum. This ethos and the skills emanating from it have sustained my joy in medicine and enhanced my effectiveness. 

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My experience as a health care provider in diverse settings - ER, Pediatrics, Family Med, Occ Med, Hospice, College Health - and an MI trainer for nearly two decades gives my trainings both flexibility and credibility. I have configured and delivered well-received general trainings and specialty trainings related to chronic conditions, working with at risk families, SUD, pediatric neurology, and lactation. Among others, I have worked with Sonoma County Department of Public Health, Kaiser Permanente, UCSF Schools of Pharmacy, and Nursing and Sonoma County School Nurses' Association.

I would be happy to talk with you about the MI needs of your organization.

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Varied, that keeps MI really interesting!
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