MINT Bulletin Volume 7, Issue 1


January 1, 2000

New Perspectives:
Notes From the Desert - Bill Miller
• Updates
• MISC coding
• Holistic Herding
European Blend- Tom Barth, Peter Prescott, Tore Boertveit Euro-Editors, Bergen, Norway
• Updates
• Section for philosophical thoughts I: Models for counselor-client relationship
• Section for philosophical thoughts II: Solution focused therapy
Upside Down Training- Steve Rollnick
Important MINT Dates
Notes from Tarragona-
• Training from Tarragona- Carolina E. Yahne
• Reflections from Tarragona – Jacki Hecht
Minutes from Tarragona
Comments on YIPsters – Chris Dunn
Regional MINT Meetings
MINUET Contributions
Messages from Cyberspace- Chris Wagner
Comments: Miller’s Motivational Model of Addiction: A Commentary - Allan Zukoff
MI Exercises to Keep You Fit and Toned
A Fresh Cup- Denise Ernst

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