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MINT Nordic MINT in the Nordic countries: Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Welcome to MINT Nordic's page! MINT Nordic is another subdivision MINT Inc. The Association MINT Nordic consists of MI trainers who have undergone training through MINT Inc. to train, train and mentor professionals in the conversational model Motivational Conversation - MI and operating in the Nordic countries. Here we publish information about Motivational Talks - MI, Facts and Recommendations on Education and Training in MI, Ads on Current Education and Other Activities on Motivational Talks - MI. You will also find contact information for our members. Motivational conversations - MI Motivational conversations - MI is a conversational model used by professionals who see it as their job to help others with development and change. An MI call is a collaborative conversation style with the aim of strengthening people's own motivation and commitment / subsequently / to implement a change. The conversation is based on acceptance / acceptance of one's absolute value / value and autonomy which is conveyed / conveyed through empathy and affirmation. The call manager guides / guides the client / patient towards his or her change goal by eliciting and strengthening the person's own reasons / reasons, needs and confidence in change. MI can advantageously be combined with other interventions, therapy or treatment. MI strengthens the effect of a range / range of different / different treatments. MI also functions / even as an independent intervention in cases / cases where / where clients / patients' own capacity for change is sufficient / sufficient without the need for other treatment. For more on evidence download / download pdf MI evidens a compilation of research results by Charlotte Rollsby. Rubak S et al. The motivational conversation - a meta-analysis How / how to learn MI? There are many ways / ways to develop their skills as a conversation leader. Some important goals to strive to achieve success in using Motivational Calls - MI is - To master reflective listening. Listen actively, allow the client / patient to have the largest speech space, be able to reflect what the client / patients say and mean. Understand the client / patient's driving forces. Refrain from providing unsolicited advice and arguing and correcting client / patient statements. - To convey compassion and empathy. By working together for the client's best and using reflective listening. - To guide towards a specific change goal. By eliciting and reinforcing change talk and avoiding and managing dissonance. - Strengthening confidence in one's own ability. By finding strengths and successes and adding hope. In an MI education, the participants work actively to improve their communication skills and use helpful strategies. Through various exercises, participants gain insights into what MI is, why it is helpful and how to do it. Here you will find a description of what different MI courses contain. PDF Would you like to contact an MI coach? Here is a link to MI coaches who are members of MINT in Sweden - in Denmark - in Norway Do you want to come to the calendar where MI courses are organized. Click here. If you want to find literature on the subject click here. MI is a call method that can be measured to a certain extent by different coding instruments. If you are interested in developing your skills in MI through coding, you can contact www.miclab.se and www.miqagruppen.org in Sweden, http://korusbergen.no/mi-mi-analyse/mi-analyse/ in Norway . Link to a Danish coding lab. What is MINT? MINT is the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers. It is an international non-profit organization for MI coaches with the aim of enhancing the quality of education and training in MI so that the work done to strengthen people's motivation for positive change and development is as helpful and effective as possible. MINT 1997 was formed by a small group of MI coaches and the creators William R Miller and Stephen Rollnick. Today, the organization consists of over 700 members from 35 countries and 20 different languages ​​are represented. MINT strives to: Promote good application of Motivational Talks in the use of MI and in the training of practitioners and teachers. Support the activities and competencies of the members by organizing meetings, offering opportunities for communication and joint educational opportunities. Stimulate the development of the individual conversation leader as well as the development of the network's methods and structures. Spread MI by sharing and sharing knowledge about teaching good MI practice. The network encourages members to transcend cultural, linguistic, and organizational barriers to work constructively and critically manage the available behavioral science. The return on the network's operations is only used to support good MI practice. The purpose / goal of the organization is to work for excellent use of MI in terms of both clinical practice and research and education / training. MINT supports its members by offering annual gatherings, so-called MINT Forum focusing on developing the ability of MI coaches to train practitioners so that the Motivational Conversation MI model becomes effective. MINT also offers a web-based platform for communication and dissemination of experiences, discoveries, research, information and effective models and tools. The spirit of MI and its core values; Quality, Openness, Generosity and Respect permeate MINT. As a member of MINT one commits to work in accordance with the statutes and values ​​that the association has, in order to clarify this, the members may approve a steering document (link to this) MINT Nordic is a non-profit association for Nordic members of MINT Inc. A local network for Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish members. The network organizes local meetings for networking and has its own communication through the Nordic e-forum at www.motivationalinterviewing.org. It is free of charge to join Nordic MINT provided that the annual fee has been paid to MINT Inc. MINT Nordic is part of MINT Inc. and shares the same goal and endeavor. MINT Every two years, Nordic organizes a forum for its members where we, alike MINT Inc's forum, is offered the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with us, as well as create the opportunity for in-depth skills as an MI coach. It is also an opportunity to spend time with other MI coaches from our neighboring countries. MINT Nordic Board 2021 - 2022 consists of Karin Nylind, Chairman (SV) Jennifer Ollis Blomqvist, Treasurer / Member Administrator (SV) Bente Malig Larsen, DK Liselotte Krylborn (SV) Monica Hoen Island (NO) Silje Lill Rimstad (NO) Jenny Åkerlund (SV ) Malene Akapuaka Brandt Andersen (DK) To contact MINT The Nordic Board send an e-mail to: mintnordicstyrelsen@gmail.com. Become a member of MINT Nordic If you are a member of MINT Inc. you just need to sign up MINT Nordic by sending an e-mail to: mintnordicstyrelsen@gmail.com.
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