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MI Glossary- Spanish-Portuguese-English 2024 Glossary of MI Terms / Glosario de Términos de la EM / Glossário de Termos da Entrevista Motivacional - Neliana...
Controlled Trials Involving Motivational Interviewing - Bibliography 3 May 2024
Japanese version of Dr. William Miller's presentation slides which he provided on- MINT FORUM Plenary, October 20, 2022 The attached file describes that our Japanese MINT members translated from English to provide communicative training for... MINT Forum presentation, presentation, MI4
MI for Leadership and Organizations August business meeting announcement Announcing a Motivational Interviewing for Leadership and Organizations (MILO) planning and business meeting in August MI for Leadership
Japanese version of "QPR Guidelines for Professionals (QPR Institute)" Our MIBC team (Motivational Interviewing for Bereavement Care) have been discussing the feasibility for us to use MI for... suicide postvention, bereavement care, grief care, QPR
Motivational Interviewing Skill Practice - Flipping Concerns to Goals Practice session focusing on an integral skill in motivaitonal interviewing  training, core skills, Streaming
Motivational Interviewing Skill Practice - Evoking Change Talk Demonstration on how to evoke change talk to further behavior change Streaming, core skills, training
Motivational Interviewing in Juvenile Justice Summary of motivational interviewing skills with practice session. Streaming, core skills, training
Motivational Interviewing Skill Practice - Scaling Questions Scaling questions ask patients to rate their priorities, goals, satisfaction, problems, coping strategies, successes,... core skills, Streaming, training
Training of New MI Trainers Manual 2020 TNT manual, TNT
Value Card Sort Online Game Using the 100 value cards, sort values into the categories and follow directions to eventually get to a page where you can... Value Card Sort, online, Game, Value card sort game
Public Service Fund Application 2020 Application and scoring guide for Public Service Fund support to attend the 2020 Virtual Training of New Trainers (TNT)
Jump start to using MI in King County COVID-19 I/Q sites: EPE transcript The transcript for the Elicit - Provide - Elicit demonstration referenced in the PowerPoint. transcript, elicit provide elicit, isolation, quarantine, COVID-19
Jump start to using MI in King County COVID-19 I/Q sites: PowerPoint notes view Notes view of the PowerPoint slides used to record a 20 minute "jump start" training for behavioral health staff members to... COVID-19, isolation, quarantine, EPE, elicit provide elicit
Full description TNT application process 2020
2020 New Mexico TNT application form (pdf)
MI Controlled Trials list (Miller, 2020) controlled trials
Creating an MI Learning Community (June 2019) 1. the 1st File is original one uploaded by C.Wagner.  following file is... 2. in the Japanese language(日本語deeple試訳版)
2019 MINT TNT Application Documents MINT's 2019 Training for New Trainers Application documents (application form, application guidelines and standardized...
Pathways to Membership- Polish version / Ścieżki do MINT- wersja polska Polskie tłumaczenie dokumentu opisującego drogi do zostania członkiem MINT. Polish translation of the document describing... membership, MINT Training, TNT, 2019 TNT Trainer Application
Taking the Lower Place: MI and Social Dominance Another "From the Desert" contribution from Bill Miller, this paper was the basis of his plenary presentation in Malahide at... FromtheDesert
2017 TNT Participant Application documents 2017 TNT Participant Application documents: 1.     Application Guidelines Document 2.     Application... 2017 TNT Application
2017 MINT Forum Website 2017Forum
MI and Supervision PPT Elder Powerpoint for one day training on MI and Supervision.  Elder and Grimly supervision
Resource: The MIndful Trainer: thoughts on bringing brief mindful moments into MI trainings The thoughts and ideas contained in this MIndful Trainer resource were gathered from MINT Members during a workshop... Mindfulness, activities, 2016Forum
Readable File This is an oral history.    2014Forum 2014Forum
Meet the MINT Committees Use this document to review information about each MINT committee before meeting them at the Forum.  2016Forum
Montreal Coupons! 2016Forum
Montreal Tourism Information Part 3 English/ French 2016Forum
Calendar of Events ENGLISH Provided by our Local Host Committee 2016Forum
Montreal Calendar of Events FRENCH Provided by our Local Host Committee 2016Forum
Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, Planned Learning Unified System (MINT+) 2016Forum
Letter to Forum Participants Dear MINT colleague With just over a month to go we are excited about meeting you in Montreal. This email is to remind you... 2016Forum
Montreal Tourism Information Part 1 2016Forum
May 2018 Bibliography of Controlled Clinical Trials Involving Motivational Interviewing controlled trials, research
Message from Local Host Committee 2016Forum
Frequently Asked Questions 2016Forum
About the TNT Event More information about the train-the-trainers event.  2016Forum
Meet the TNT Trainers Find out who will be leading the TNT sections in Montreal.  2016Forum
Client Evaluation of Motivational Interviewing The Client Evaluation of MI is an evidence based measure designed to assess clients experiences receiving MI. Developed at... skill assessment, evaluation, trainng tool
2016 PSF application in French 2016 Forum
2016 PSF Announcement (French) 2016 Forum
2016 PSF application 2016 Forum
PSF Announcement 2016 2016 Forum
Clinical Conversations about Cannabis: Using Elicit - Provide - Elicit Written for behavioral health providers, this brief article describes how to use Elicit - Provide - Elicit (EPE) as one way... cannabis, elicit - provide - elicit, substance use, Health, sharing information
MINT Forum Workshop on Neuro-Explorations & Why MI Powerpoint presentation from the 2015 Forum in Berlin.  A proposition that MI: •Leads to balanced neurotransmitters...
MITI 4.2 French translation French translation of the MITI 4.2 coding manual.
Generational Literalism (Miller, 2014)
The Art of Teaching Motivational Interviewing: A Resource for MI Trainers ~~For the past two decades I've been guiding the learning of motivational interviewing (MI). This document overviews the key...
TNT Manual Updated 2014
Berg-Smith Pre-Forum Workshop "Peach Tree" ~~At the beginning of “20 Years of Teaching MI” pre-Forum workshop, each participant was invited to share their biggest (... 2014Forum
Berg-Smith Pre-Forum Workshop Handout 2014 Forum
Berg-Smith Pre-Forum Workshop Slides 2014Forum
Info for TNT and MINT Forum Participants 2014Forum
"What is This?" A manual to explain MITI feedback to clients Hello MINTie buddies: I have been meaning to do this for years as Terri Moyers had a really great one and though I wanted... MITI coding results, coaching, feedback
MITI Volley visual teaching aid Once again, you will notice I wrote this myself and I plan to do a comic book explaining parsing, utterances.  I...
MITI Behavior Count Cheat Sheet Sorry this is so messy and written in my hard to read handwriting yet it is handy to have the Behavior Counts and their...
MIA Heaven This is a compilation of MIA statements that I put together a couple of years ago.  I send this to folks with their...
The English-Chinese Glossary of MI Terms This English-Chinese Glossary of MI Terms contains Chinese translation of key MI terms and concepts. It is developed as a... MI, MI3, glossary, non-english materials
Motivational Interviewing in a Residential Treatment Programme doi: 10.5195/mitrip.2012.13 Motivational Interviewing in a Residential Treatment Programme Colin O'Driscoll... addiction
Coding Criminal Justice Interactions with the MITI: Recommendations for Research and Practice Scott T. Walters, Malissa Cornett, Amanda M. Vader Abstract This article describes the coding portion of a study to test... criminal justice, Corrections, MITI
Guidance for New Motivational Interviewing Trainers When Training Addiction Professionals Julie A. Schumacher, Scott F. Coffey, Kimberly S. Walitzer, Randy S. Burke, Daniel C. Williams, Grayson Norquist, T. David... addiction, training
MI and Psychotherapy doi: 10.5195/mitrip.2012.6 William R. Miller Abstract How is motivational interviewing (MI) related to psychotherapy... Miller, psychotherapy, mental health
Buddy-Motivational Interviewing (buddy-MI) to Increase Physical Activity in Community Settings: Study Protocol for a Pragmatic Randomised Controlled Trial David Brinson, MHealSc, Mark Wallace-Bell, PhD, Ray Kirk, PhD, Andrew Hornblow, PhD   Abstract   This article... Health
Motivational Interviewing: Theory, Practice, and Applications with Children and Young People (Book review) doi: 10.5195/mitrip.2013.36 Motivational Interviewing: Theory, Practice, and Applications with Children and Young... Youth
Motivational Interviewing for Effective Classroom Management (Book review) Motivational Interviewing for Effective Classroom Management - Book Review Wendy M. Reinke, Keith C. Herman, and Randy... Youth, Education
Motivational Interviewing with Adolescents and Young Adults doi: 10.5195/mitrip.2013.34   Book Review Motivational Interviewing with Adolescents and Young Adults Sylvie... Youth
Motivational Interviewing and Social Justice (MI Trip article) doi: 10.5195/mitrip.2012.32   William R. Miller, PhD Abstract This address explores the relationship between... Miller Social Justice
Confessions of a Recovering Trainer / What about Decisional Balance? Miller
Self-determination theory, motivational interviewing, and the treatment of clients with acute suicidal ideation. J Clin Psychol. 2008 Jan;64(1):52-66. Britton PC, Williams GC, Conner KR. SDT
Self-determination theory in health care and its relations to motivational interviewing: a few comments Edward L Deci1 and Richard M Ryan1 Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. 2012; 9: 24. Published online 2012 March 2. doi:  10.... SDT
Motivational Interviewing: moving from why to how with autonomy support Ken Resnicow1 and Fiona McMaster1 Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. 2012; 9: 19. Published online 2012 March 2. doi:  10.... SDT
The role of self-determination theory and motivational interviewing in behavioral nutrition, physical activity, and health: an introduction to the IJBNPA special series Pedro J Teixeira, António L Palmeira, and Maarten Vansteenkiste The International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and... SDT
Toward systematic integration between self-determination theory and motivational interviewing as examples of top-down and bottom-up intervention development: autonomy or volition as a fundamental theoretical principle Maarten Vansteenkiste,1 Geoffrey C Williams,2 and Ken Resnicow3 Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. 2012; 9: 23. Published online... SDT
There's nothing more practical than a good theory: Motivational interviewing and self-determination theory Maarten Vansteenkiste  and Kennon M. Sheldon British Journal of Clinical Psychology (2006), 45, 63–82 SDT
Motivational Interviewing and Self-Determination Theory Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, Vol. 24, No. 6, 2005, pp. 811-831   DAVID MARKLAND University of Wales,... SDT
Meeting in the middle: motivational interviewing and self-determination theory William R Miller1 and Stephen Rollnick2 Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. 2012; 9: 25. Published online 2012 March 2. doi: ... SDT
Self-determination theory and motivational interviewing in behavioral nutrition, physical activity, and health SDT
Values Sort Sheets Both of these values sort sheets were developed by other folks.  One is from NYU, a project I worked on with them.... Values card sort, values sort sheet, practice
BUNDLE: Health Behavior Change plus Ready, Willing and Able Information about the book or video for sale: The Health Behavior Change DVD shows you the book’s authors (a GP and a nurse... DVD
Equipose Symposium Symposium on Equipoise International Conference on Motivational Interviewing Stockholm, Sweden 2010 Equipoise and... 2010 ICMI, mental health, theory, Miller
MIA-STEP Supervision Manual supervision
Non-English Materials NON-ENGLISH MATERIAL Websites: Austrian: French: Dutch... OtherMI
2005 Forum Schedule 2005 Forum
2006 Forum Schedule 2006 Forum
2007 Forum Schedule 2007 Forum
2008 Forum Schedule 2008 Forum
2012 Forum Schedule 2012 Forum
MI streaming videos   MI Video Gumbo Collection Several offerings: MI video demonstrations with survivors... Streaming
2013 Forum Schedule   WebRep   currentVote     noRating noWeight          ... 2013 Forum
Six video clips - Motivational Interviewing in Primary Health Care Kathleen Sciacca was interviewed on video for the Primary Care Clinician web site. The video clips excerpted from this... primary care, training, Video, Streaming
Five video clips Motivational Interviewing in Psychiatry - Mental Health. Kathleen Sciacca was video taped for an interview for the Psych Clinician web site. The five clips are a result of this... mental health, training, Video, Streaming
Change talk exercise Client_Language.docx Client_Language_Exercise.docx Conversation_Exercise.docx exercise, change talk, training
Promoting Responsivity in Community Corrections: A Motivational Interviewing Training Curriculum Motivational interviewing is an evidence-based practice (EBP) that aligns with the Risk-Needs-Responsivity model of offender... Multimedia, DVD, Corrections, criminal justice
Stephen Andrew's Forum 2012 Exercise Swap Friday am A description of the exercises Stephen Andrew and others presented in the exercise swap at the 2012 Forum. exercise, 2012 Forum
DVD Training Series A DVD series to support learning MI. readiness, MI-3, Interviews on Importance, Confidence
"MI in CJ-What'Z Working?" LA County Perspective What are the implementation hurdles within YOUR organization? LA County, the largest probation department in the world,... 2012 Forum, practice


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