Facilitator-Led Online Advanced Skill-Building

LIVE STREAMING:  Motivational Interviewing Skill Building

Do you want to take your knowledge of Motivational Interviewing and turn it into skill?  We all know that learning concepts is one thing, but using them day to day takes intentional effort and practice.  If you want to increase your skills around Motivational Interviewing, then this is the right step!

If you’ve secured your working knowledge of MI and are ready to dive deeper into skill development, this is your course.  There will be a significant focus on skill practice activities to build your competency and confidence in MI.  We will be using the Motivational Interviewing Competency Assessment (MICA) as a tool to assess and progress developing skills.  Each participant will also submit two audio recorded Mi conversations and receive private individual coaching and feedback.  This format will provide multiple opportunities to practice what you learn in coaching and apply in real-time.  The registration fee for this course includes both the training and the two coding/coaching sessions (discounted over $100).

This class can fill up fast.  Reserve your spot today!

Class Dates/Times:   7/6/22, 7/8/22, 7/20/22 and 7/22/22 from 1:00pm to 3:30pm Pacific Standard Time

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LIVE STREAMING: Motivational Interviewing Skill Building
6 Christmas 2022 - 1: 00pm to 22 Christmas 2022 - 3: 30pm
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