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Uplevel: Advancing Your Motivational InterviewingReady to seriously advance your MI skills?

In this12-hour advanced course, we dig into what it really means to use Motivational Interviewing to the level of fidelity. MI fidelity is the threshold of demonstrated skills required by providers in all of those amazing evidence-based practice research trials. And that’s what this advanced MI course is all about! Fidelity through practice!

 In this course, we are going to look at MI through the lens of the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) coding system. 

 Through this lens, you will learn ‘what is MI’ and ‘what is not,’ how to listen for the global elements used to code MI, as well as explore the provider behavior counts, with particular focus on Reflection to Question ratio. You'll learn what the MI-adherent and MI-non-adherent behaviors are (what we are striving toward, and what we're avoiding).

 We will listen to lots of good and not-so-good MI sessions to tune our ears to the complex elements of MI. And we will do lots of practice, because learning a new skill takes practice. And feedback, as individual feedback is a strong component in this course. 

 In addition to receiving coaching and guidance during our group sessions, you will be provided with software to record your own sessions. Using artificial intelligence MI coding software, you can record and gain instant coded feedback on as many of your MI sessions as you'd like during the course. (BONUS! It's a HIPPA compliant platform for telehealth if you want to record sessions with clients, with their written consent, of course). Listening to your OWN sessions and receiving this coded feedback will give you real data about where you are on your journey toward MI fidelity.


AND, and if you’d like, you will receive one MITI coded individualized feedback session completed by your trainer during this race. 


More deets:

Each weekly training session is LIVE VIRTUAL, with a mix of presentation, practice, videos & audio samples and Q&A via Zoom platform.

2 hours a week for 6-weeks from 12p-2p EST.

Sessions will be facilitated by MINT trainer Hillary Bolter, LCSW, LCAS


Six weekly sessions from 11/3-12/8/2021:

11/3, 11/10, 11/17, 11/24, 12/1 & 12/8


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Advanced training
3 New 2021 - 12: 00pm
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