The effects of training medical students in motivational interviewing

TitleThe effects of training medical students in motivational interviewing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsOpheim, A, Andreasson, S, Eklund, AB, Prescott, P
JournalHealth Education Journal
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0017-8969
KeywordsBehavioral Changes, communication skills, Comparative Studies, Data Analysis Software, Descriptive Statistics, Education Research, Education, Medical, Health Promotion, Human, interrater reliability, Intraclass Correlation Coefficient, Mann-Whitney U Test, Motivational Interviewing -- Education, Outcomes of Education, P-Value, Patient Simulation, Questionnaires, Research Instruments, Scales, Student Performance Appraisal, Student-Patient Relations, Students, Medical, Summated Rating Scaling, T-Tests, Videorecording

Objective: To explore the effects of brief training in Motivational interviewing (MI) for medical students. Design: Video recordings of consultations between 113 final-year medical students and simulated patients were scored blind by two independent raters with the Motivational Interviewing Skill Code (MISC). Half of the students participated in a four-hour motivational interviewing workshop while the other half did not. Results: Differences between the two groups were statistically significant for five of six global MISC variables. All differences were in the expected direction, with higher scores in the group that had received MI training. There were also statistically significant group differences in the expected direction on several behavioural measures. The group that received MI training asked fewer closed questions and more open questions; they summarized, affirmed and emphasized patient control more often, and directed and confronted less often. Conclusion: Four hours of training has a measurable effect on medical students' style and verbal behaviour in simulated patient consultations, but is not sufficient to become proficient in motivational interviewing.

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