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The Harm Reduction Workbook for Addiction: Motivational Interviewing Skills to Create a Personalized Recovery Plan and Make Lasting Change / Kristin Dempsey (2024)

The Harm Reduction Workbook for Addiction offers readers a chance to explore their relationship to substances or processes through journal exercises based on the spirit and skills of motivational interviewing. The workbook can be used by individuals exploring their own wellness or in group settings where participants can share their insights. This link will connect you to the book as well as free resources you can use immediately.

Miller and Rollnick

Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change and Grow (4th ed.) / William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick (2023)

Now in a fully rewritten fourth edition, this book from MI originators William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick elucidates the four tasks of MI—engaging, focusing, evoking, and planning—and vividly demonstrates what they look like in action.

Gache and Euvrard

Guide pratique de l'Entretien Motivationnel / Pascal Gache & Glori Cavalli Euvrard (2022)

Dans la première, vous découvrirez des éléments pédagogiques indispensables pour apprendre efficacement. Dans la deuxième constituée de 20 fiches, vous mettrez en pratique cette approche relationnelle novatrice, construite sur une solide base scientifique. La troisième vous donnera quelques indications pour maintenir vos acquis et continuer de progresser.

Lewis and Wahesh

Motivational Interviewing in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (2022) / Todd F. Lewis and Edward Washesh (2023)

This textbook, appropriate for primary or supplementary use in counseling coursework, is a practitioner and student-friendly text appropriate for readers across all levels of familiarity with motivational interviewing. Chapters integrate and present the newest conceptual and empirical literature, and the relevant, up-to-date content in each chapter is accompanied by a detailed case study and specific training exercises that will enhance counselors’ proficiency in core skills.

Rollnick, Miller, & Butler

Motivational Interviewing in Health Care: Helping Patients Change Behavior (2nd ed.) / Stephen Rollnick, William Miller, & Christopher C. Butler (2022)

When it comes to helping patients manage chronic and acute conditions and make healthier choices in such areas as medication adherence, smoking, diet, and preventive care, good advice alone is not enough. This indispensable book shows how to use MI techniques to transform conversations about change. Even the briefest clinical interaction can serve to build trust, clarify patients' goals as well as reasons for ambivalence, and guide them to take positive steps.


On Second Thought: How Ambivalence Shapes Your Life / William R. Miller (2021)

The rich inner world of a human being is far more complex than either/or. You can love and hate, want to go and want to stay, feel both joy and sadness. Rather than trying to overcome indecision by force of will, Dr. Miller explores what happens when people allow opposing arguments from their “inner committee members” to converse freely with each other. Learning to tolerate and even welcome feelings of ambivalence can help you get unstuck from unwanted habits, clarify your desires and values, explore the pros and cons of tough decisions, and open doorways to change.


Need Based Leadership: Utilizing Motivational Interviewing to Be a Relational Leader and Meet Needs in the Workplace / Greg Sumpter (2021)

Need based leadership involves focusing in on a singular learnable skill - meeting the needs of others. In addition to introducing a new theory, the book will highlight motivational interviewing as a tangible approach to having conversations with one another that get to the underlying needs.


Motivational Interviewing with Adolescents and Young Adults (2nd ed.) / Sylvie Naar & Mariann Suarez (2021)

The authors show how to use motivational interviewing (MI) to have productive conversations about behavior change with adolescents and young adults in any clinical context. Noted for its clarity, the book includes extended case examples, sample dialogues, quick-reference tables, and “dos and don'ts.” It provides vital tools for helping young people open up about their struggles, explore alternatives, and make healthier choices around such concerns as substance use, smoking, anxiety, medication adherence, and obesity.

Forrester, Wilkins, & Whittaker

Motivational Interviewing for Working with Children and Families / Donald Forrester, David Wilkins & Charlotte Whittaker (2021)

This book is a comprehensive guide on the use of Motivational Interviewing (MI) in child protection and family social work.
MI increases the likelihood of behavioural change, working with client resistance to encourage a constructive environment when initiating difficult conversations. This makes it particularly effective for child and family social care. Drawing on over 500 studies spanning 11 local authorities, this book uses recordings of real meetings between social workers and families to explain what MI is, how it can be used in child and family social work and how to improve MI skills.

Ollis Blomqvist

Lighthouse Conversations: Being a Beacon for Teens / Jennifer Ollis Blomqvist (2021)

Lighthouse Conversations. Being a Beacon for Teens provides adults with the theory, practical examples, and tools to guide teens through challenges using constructive and positive conversation. Conversational tips are provided to convey empathy, support self-determination and autonomy, and increase a teen’s motivation for change. Whether you are a family member, teacher, counsellor, coach, or an ally to a teen in your life, this book will increase your confidence to support teenagers, improve your relationships by communicating effectively, and prevent problems from becoming harmful.

Frey & Hall

Motivational Interviewing for Mental Health Clinicians: A Toolkit for Skills Enhancement / Jennifer Frey & Ali Hall (2021)

Conversations about change can be challenging. In this motivational interviewing (MI) toolkit, you will find a variety of tools and strategies designed to help you apply the spirit of MI so you can more effectively evoke people’s own interests, experiences, and good ideas for change. Designed for mental health clinicians who want to deepen their learning and proficiency. Most importantly, this toolkit offers a variety of flexible opportunities for you to actively practice the core skills of MI: Use them on your own, with a partner, with a team of colleagues, or within an MI learning community.


Motivational Interviewing in Social Work Practice (2nd ed.) / Melinda Hohman (2021)

MI in Social Work Practice was written by and for social workers and has now been updated and expanded with 60% new material, including a revised conceptual framework, cutting-edge applications, and enhanced pedagogical features. Demonstrates what MI looks like in action, how it transforms conversations with clients, and how to integrate it into social work practice in a wide range of settings.

Angela Wood

The Motivational Interviewing Workbook: Exercises to Decide What You Want and How to Get There / Angela Wood (2020)

Motivational interviewing can help you clearly define your goals, think things through, and move toward change. Whether you’re considering losing weight, addressing an addiction, leaving a toxic relationship, or any number of other big goals, taking steps toward personal change requires a steadfast mindset and a detailed plan of action. The Motivational Interviewing Workbook is filled with practical prompts, guidance, and support for figuring out long-term goals, developing a solid plan to achieve them, and making a committed change. It will help you build your motivation, clarify your commitment to reaching your goals, and empower you to take charge of your future.

Marshall & Nielsen

Motivational Interviewing for Leaders in the Helping Professions / Colleen Marshall & Anette Søgaard Nielsen (2020)

Motivational Interviewing for Leaders in Helping Professions is written expressly for leaders in health care and the social services, is easily accessible, and shows how motivational interviewing can transform conversations about change within an organization.

Atkinson & Earnshaw

Motivational Cognitive Behavioural Therapy / Cathy Atkinson & Paul Earnshaw (2019)

A guide to the theory and practise of the integration of Motivational Interviewing with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. This book covers the key features of MI-informed CBT, offering essential guidance for students and practitioners experienced in both MI and CBT, as well as practitioners from other theoretical orientations who require an accessible guide to this developing approach.


Integrating Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Clinical Practice / Melanie M. Iarussi (2019)

Demonstrates how the theoretical bases and evidence-based practices of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) can be used together to maximize client outcomes. Chapters outline effective methods for integrating MI and CBT and show how these can be applied to clients in a diverse range of mental health, substance use and addiction, and correctional settings

Coaching Athletes

Coaching Athletes to Be Their Best: Motivational Interviewing in Sports / Stephen Rollnick, Jonathan Fader, Jeff Breckon, & Theresa B. Moyer (2019)

This is the first guide to motivational interviewing (MI) for coaches, sport psychologists, training and rehabilitation specialists, and other affiliated staff. Revealing why conventional ways of giving feedback and addressing conflict are often counterproductive, the book presents tried-and-tested methods for getting through to athletes and helping them to thrive.


Listening Well: The Art of Empathic Understanding / William R. Miller (2018)

Through clear explanation, specific examples, and practical exercises, Dr. Miller offers a step-by-step process for developing your skillfulness in empathic listening. Empathic understanding can help to deepen personal relationships, alleviate conflict, communicate across differences, and promote positive change.


Building Motivational Interviewing Skills (2nd ed.) / David B. Rosengren (2017)

Explanations of core MI concepts are accompanied by sample dialogues, exercises, and practice opportunities, building proficiency for moving through the engaging, focusing, evoking and planning processes of MI while using the core MI communication style.


Motivational Interviewing and CBT / Sylvie Naar & Steven A. Safren (2017)

Providing tools to enhance treatment of any clinical problem, this book shows how integrating motivational interviewing (MI) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can lead to better client outcomes than using either approach on its own.


Connecting Paradigms: A Trauma-Informed & Neurobiological Framework for Motivational Interviewing Implementation / Matthew S. Bennett (2017)

Provides an innovative approach to helping those struggling with past trauma to make critical life changes and heal from their pain and suffering. Connecting Paradigms presents an integrated model combining research in neurobiology, trauma, behavioral change, harm reduction, and Motivational Interviewing into a practical skillset easily implemented across a variety of settings and professions.


Motivational Interviewing with Offenders / Jill D. Stinson & Michael D. Clark (2017)

Motivational interviewing (MI) can help offenders move beyond resistance or superficial compliance and achieve meaningful behavior change by drawing on clients' values, goals, and strengths—not simply telling them what to do.

Reagan North

Motivational Interviewing for School Counselors / Reagan A. North (2017)

This book is the first training experience ever created to help School Counselors learn to use MI in their unique context. Written by a real-life School Counselor, this work is a powerfully practical explanation of MI ideas and techniques. Loaded with actual examples from the school context, the book is designed to help busy School Counselors learn these tools in a quick and enjoyable way. Students need help accessing their own motivation to improve grades, grow relationships, kick bad habits, and pursue deeply meaningful lives. School Counselors are perfectly positioned to help them do so, and MI is the tool they need.

MI for Clinical Practice

Motivational Interviewing for Clinical Practice / Petros Levounis, Bachaar Arnaout, & Carla Marienfeld (2017)

Designed to address recent developments in the quickly evolving field of motivating people to change behaviors and lead healthier lives, Motivational Interviewing for Clinical Practice provides busy clinicians with expert guidance for integrating motivational interviewing into their practice.


Motivational Interviewing for Leadership: MI-LEAD / Wilcox, Kersh, & Jenkins (2017)

Provides a roadmap for leaders to become Transformational Leaders. It provides concrete, person-focused tools that help to address ambivalence and engagement both on an individual level and at a group level. These tools are an effective approach to developing skills as a transformational leader, one who can communicate well, enhance engagement, respond effectively to ambivalence and discord, and lead through change.


Motivational Interviewing in Schools / Rollnick, Kaplan, & Rutschman (2016)

The first teacher's guide to the proven counseling approach known as motivational interviewing (MI), this pragmatic book shows how to use everyday interactions with students as powerful opportunities for change.

Velasquez, Crouch, Stephens, and DiClemente

Group Treatment for Substance Abuse (2nd ed.) / Mary Marden Velasquez, Cathy Crouch, Nanette Stokes Stephens, & Carlo C. DiClemente (2015)

This group-based treatment manual of substance use disorders is grounded in the transtheoretical model and emphasizes the experiential and behavioral processes of change. It includes step-by-step guidelines for implementing the 35 structured sessions, along with strategies for enhancing motivation using a Motivational Interviewing approach throughout all of the stages. In a large-size format for easy photocopying, the volume includes 58 reproducible handouts.


Motivational Interviewing in Diabetes Care / Steinberg & Miller (2015)

People with diabetes often struggle to make healthy choices and stay on top of managing their illness. Filling a vital need, this is the first book to focus on the use of motivational interviewing (MI) in diabetes care.


Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness / Clifford & Curtis (2015)

Making and maintaining lasting changes in nutrition and fitness is not easy for anyone. Yet the communication style of a health professional can make a huge difference.


Finding Your Way to Change / Zuckoff with Gorscak (2015)

This book is the first guide to translate the principles of Motivational Interviewing into powerful, self-help strategies.


Motivational Interviewing in the Treatment of Psychological Problems (2nd Ed.) / Arkowitz, Westra, Miller & Rollnick (Eds.) (2015)

MI is presented as a tool for facilitating many different kinds of positive behavior change across various psychological problems.


Motivational Interviewing: A Guide for Medical Trainees / Douaihy, Kelly, and Gold (2015)

This book covers the application of MI method and skills into medical practice using numerous clinical scenarios, personal reflections and online animated vignettes


Fundamentals of Motivational Interviewing: Addressing Common Clinical Challenges / Schumacher and Madson (2014)

A common-language, and user-friendly guide to key concepts in MI.


Motivierende Gesprächsführung in der Psychiatrie / Kremer and Shultz (2013)

Based on 9 case examples with different psychiatric disorders in acute inpatient psychiatry settings in Germany, you can learn how to integrate MI in daily psychiatric care with huge challenges.


The Medical Interview: The Three Function Approach / Cole and Bird (2013)

Its Three-Function Approach - "Build the Relationship," "Assess and Understand," and Collaborative Management" offers straightforward tasks, behaviors, and skills that can be easily mastered.


Motivational Interviewing for Concurrent Disorders / Cooper and Skinner (2013)

A quick-reference, multi-media guide to using Motivational Interviewing (MI) to treat co-occurring disorders.


The Art of Teaching Motivational Interviewing: A Resource for MINT Trainers / Berg-Smith (2014)

A 20-year Retrospective of Key Learnings from the author's experience.


Den motiverende samtale Støtte til forandring / Miller & Rollnick (2014)

Den motiverende samtale Støtte til forandring


How to do Motivational Interviewing (2nd ed.)/ Matulich (2014)

This concise eBook is designed to provide the information you need to help your clients change behavior.


Motivational Interviewing in Schools:Strategies for Engaging Parents, Teachers, and Students. / Herman, Reinke, Frey, & Shepard (2014)

Describes practical applications of MI with families, students, teachers, and school-based teams.

Ellen Glovsky

Wellness, Not Weight: Health at Every Size and Motivational Interviewing / Glovsky (Ed.) (2014)

This book is an anthology of chapters written by thought leaders in the fields of Motivational Interviewing, Health At Every Size, and a 'non-diet' approach to eating.


Motivational Interviewing in Groups / Wagner & Ingersoll (2013)

This book shows how to infuse the methods and spirit of MI into group-based interventions using a four-phase model, paralleling Miller and Rollnick's MI-3.


Motivational Interviewing in the Treatment of Anxiety / Westra (2012)

This book provides effective strategies for helping therapy clients with anxiety resolve ambivalence and increase their intrinsic motivation for change.


Motivational Interviewing for Effective Classroom Management: The Classroom Checkup. / Reinke, Herman, & Sprick (2011)

The Classroom Check-Up is a teacher consultation model based in MI for supporting teachers in developing more effective organizational, instructional, and behavior management practices.

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